Flower and leaf crowns

Flower and leaf crowns are surprisingly simple and easy to make. They are great for practising fine motor skills and fun to use in pretend play. We have enjoyed making lots of flower and leaf crowns over the last few years and have found three different ways of making them.


The first is a flower crown made using a grass twist headband. All you need for this is a tiny bit of tape, long grass or long, thin flexible plant stems and fesh picked flowers.


We used flowers from the garden but you could use store bought flowers as well. (Pretty please don’t pick wildflowers unless they are ones you have grown yourself.)


Next you need a handful of long grass (or thin flexible thin plant stems would also work) twist the grass together then carefully bend and shape it into a circle. Attach the ends together with the tiny bit of tape.


Now you have your crown base you can start weaving fresh flowers onto it. Gently and carefully thread and twist the stems of the flowers around the band, overlapping and building up the layers of flowers.


When you have finished adding all the flowers, make sure you have tucked and tidied all the ends away. You can always use a tiny bit more tape in places if needs be.


Wear and enjoy your crown for the day. When it starts to wilt and fall apart you could always put the flowers in a flower press to preserve and enjoy for longer. Or use them fresh to make a flower collage or picture.


If your grass isnt long enough to make a person sized crown, then how about making one for a toy or teddy. You can make it exactly the same way and it looks just as good on teddy.


The second way to make a flower or leaf crown is using a band of paper or card. Simply cut two strips and attach them together so you have a band long enough to fit your head.


Place a strip of double sided tape across the band. Then all you need to do is peel the backing off and stick leaves and or flowers to the surface.


Or if you leave the double sided tapes backing on you can take your bands out about with you on walks. Then you can decorate your crowns on the go using natural materials you find on your walk.


Again you can easily  make these smaller to make crowns and headbands for teddies and toys.


We added feathers and ferns to the ones we made at forest school. They looked really effective and we also had fun making dens, capes and mud pies for our forest school friends.


The third way to make a leaf crown is by threading the leaves onto a long piece of grass, plant stem, string or ribbon. This is more fiddly than the other two methods and it seems to work best with Autumn leaves. This is also a great way to make leaf bunting.


If you like this you might like learning how to make simple suncatchers.


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