12 Halloween activities, crafts and games

It’s that time of year when the evenings are getting darker, the leaves are falling and Halloween is around the corner.

So we’ve put together a list of 12 of our favourite Halloween activities, crafts and games for you to explore and enjoy.


1. Painted pumpkins


Painting pumpkins is a  great alternative for children who are too young to carve. All you need is some paint, a pumpkin and your imagination.

You could also use stickers, glitter, sequins, confetti, pens and anything else you can think of and just let them loose to decorate to thier hearts content.

2. Slime making


Halloween in the perfect time for making and playing with oozey, gooey, stretchy slime. All you need to make some slime of your own is:

  • 200ml of PVA glue
  • A few droplets of food colouring
  • 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 teaspoon of contact lens solution (Plain saline solution won’t work)

Pour the PVA glue into a bowl and then mix the bicarbonate of soda and your food colouring into it.

Slowly add the contact lens solution in a few drops at a time until the mixture becomes stringy.


Remove the slime from the bowl at this point and need it for 10 minutes of so until it becomes smooth and elastic.

Your homemade slime is now ready to play with. Just pop it in an airtight container when you have finished it should keep for ages.

3. Monsterous cup cakes


A simple activity that children of all ages will enjoy. Making monster cupcakes using slime, playdough, or salt dough in cupcake cases. You can decorate your cupcakes with googly eyes, insect toys, sequins or any other interesting things you can find to use as spooky decorations.

4. Halloween prints

IMG_20191009_212859You can turn simple hand and foot prints into spooktacular ghosts, frankenstein monsters and creepy spiders with a little imagination and a few extra lines and details.


Or use potatos to make pumpkin prints  You just need halve a small potato. Then on each half cut out two triangles for your pumpkins eyes then carve a mouth and little nose. Then the children can dip them in orange paint and print. We also added little green paint stems to the tops of ours

Apple halves also make perfect pumpkin shaped prints that the children can draw funny faces onto.

5. Magic Potions


Making magic potions using a simple chemical reaction is great fun and it looks fantastic.

All you need is some bicarbonate of soda, food colouring washing up liquid and either lemon juice or vinager

Place the lemon juice or vinegar into a glass or pot, add a few drops of food colouring, a squirt of washing up liquid and mix well.


Now all you need to do is spoon bicarbonate of soda into the liquid to create a chemical reaction and lots of frothing beautiful bubbles.

How about writing your own spells to say as you mix your potions. Or adding some insect or bat toys into the mix.

6. Ghoulish and ghostly bottles


Making ghouls and ghosties is a great way to recycle plastic bottles and pots and it’s so quick and simple to do.

All you need is a permanent marker to draw on a spooky face and hey pesto your done. You can use your ghouls and ghosties for pretend play or story telling as well as pouring, filling and scooping and playing with water or other materials.

7. Games in the dark


Halloween is a great time for telling spooky stories by torchlight or playing games in the dark.

You could use toches to make shadow puppet stories or play games like hide and seek and tag.

How about having a disco in the dark with glowsticks and Halloween songs and music.

8. Sensory trays


Autumnal and Halloween themed sensory trays are easy to make and fun to explore.

We used multisensory coloured and scented rice as bright and colourful base for each tray (you can find the recipie for making your own scented rice here).

In one tray we added seasonal and sensory things we found on nature walks like pine corns, leaves, conkers and mini pumpkins.


And in the other tray we swirled the rice to look like a magic potion mix and added ‘magic potion’ pots, spoons, googly eyes, toy insects and creatures.


9. Mummy dressing up game


A great halloween party game that will have everyone is hysterics is the mummy dressing up game.

All you need is some toilet paper or a roll of bandages and a willing victim… I mean volunteer for everyone to dress up as the mummy.

10. Pumpkin cakes and bakes


If you have been carving pumpkins it seems a shame to waste the inside of the pumpkin which is edible and tastes great in both savoury dishes.

We like making cakes, soups, currys and scones with out pumpkin flesh as well as roasting our pumpkin seeds. (I will be posting the recipies for all of these very soon.)

11.Spider web obstacle course


This was my son’s all time favourite activity. A obstacle course made out of string in the shape of a spiders web. You just need somewhere to tie or tape your string to (it often works better outside between trees). Then they have to climb or crawl their way through without getting tangled. Safety note please be aware this can be a potential trip and choking hazard so please make sure children are supervised at all times.

12. Spooky lanterns


Paper lanterns are easy to make. Ask the children to draw a simple face on a sheet of orange or white paper. Then fold the paper in half lengthways Cut a series of lines from the fold downwards. Unfold the paper and connect the ends with sellotape to form the lantern. Now all it needs is a simple paper or pipe cleaner handle.

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