Halloween rock painting

We love painting rocks and stones for pretend play, games and decorations. It’s so cheap and simple to do, all you need is some paint and stones or rocks (you could find them on a nature walk) and a little imagination. Here are some Halloween themed rock ideas that you could use for role play, games, story props or as decorations.
Rock pumpkins are great fun. You just need to paint a roundish stone or rock orange, add a little patch of green paint at the top. Then draw or paint on some black eyes and a mouth. How about making a whole pumpkin patch. IMG_20201015_211100_576 Ghouls and ghost rocks also look really effective. All you need is to paint the rocks white and then paint or draw on different expressions in black. 3440131 A stone mummy is even easier to make, just paint white lines across across a rock and then stick or paint on some eyes. 3450054.jpg To make a creepy little spider painted a small rock black and glue on pipe cleaner legs and paint or stick on lots of eyes. 3440916 You can even make some cute little cactus rocks to keep as monster pets. Just paint some rocks green and then add some little flicks (in a lighter green) to make the cactus prickes. Then cut out green paper arms, add some eyes and then put them in flower pots. If you like this you might like to try:

More Halloween activities and games

IMG_20191009_225053 Pumpkin recipies IMG_20191026_131220

More painted rock ideas


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