Remembrance day poppy crafts

A red poppy is a symbol of remembrance of the first world war and of all the lives lost.

On 11th November each year there is a Remembrance Day ‘Lest we forget’ the tragedies of the past and so we do not repeat them in future.

So in honour of remembrance day here are three simple poppy crafts that children of all ages can easily do.


Poppy potato prints are really easy and effective. All you need is a small potato cut in half and some paint.

Simply cut two triangular shapes into either side of the potato to form the two top and bottom petal shapes on your poppy. (It helps to dry the potato on a piece of kitchen towel before you print)


Dip the potato in red paint and then print onto paper. Paint, stick or draw on a black dot for the centre. You can add green stems and leaves if you want to afterwards but they look equally as effective left as just red and black poppies.


Or you could make a simple poppy using a pipe cleaner, red tissue paper and a black paper dot.


Lay 3-4 layers of red tissue paper on top of each other. Cut them into a circle, the fold the circle in half. Pinch and twist the bottom half.


Attach a green pipe cleaner onto the twist. Bend halfway down to form a leaf. Then simply fold out the petals and glue the black dot in the centre of your poppy.


You can also use your tissue paper poppies to make a wreath. Using a paper plate with the centre cut out as the base. Stick the tissue paper poppies and some green leaves cut out of paper round the plate to form your wreath.

If you like this you might like to try:

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