Indoor snow play

If like us you only get a small amount of snow for a very short period of time, or you have small children who don’t like being out in the cold very long. You can easily extend the enjoyment of snow by bringing it indoors to play with.


You can even freeze some in batches to play with later. Simply scoop up some of the snow* into water proof containers (or bags) that you can seal and keep in the freezer until you are ready to play with it.


* Please be careful to only collect snow from safe and clean surfaces. For example snow from grass or pavements in your own garden or house. You don’t want to accidently pick up snow that might have been contaminated in some way.


When your ready to play with the snow indoors all you need is a water proof box or a tray to put it in to play with. You can then scoop, build and play to your hearts content. How about adding in toys like diggers or dinosaurs for imaginative play.


Or you could make some mini indoor snowman. You could use things like bottle caps for hats and string or ribbon for scarves, raisins and beads make great buttons and eyes. (Just be aware of the choking hazard and supervise children at all times). And sticks and twigs make great arms.


We borrowed a hat and scarf from a doll to dress up one of our snowmen.

You could even compact your snow into blocks or bricks and try building an igloo. Or make and ice cube igloo to play with in your snow. (You can find a guide to making your own ice cube igloo here)


How about using paints or food colouring to colour your snow? Simply mix a small amount of paint or food colouring with water in an old plastic tub or pot. (Please note food colouring may stain objects and clothes.)


Then you can use spoons, paint brushes or pippets to drop, splash and drizzle the colours onto your snow.


It’s a great activity for developing fine motor skills as well as exploring colours. You could even use this as an oppourtunity to talk about colour theory and show them how mixing the primary colours red, blue and yellow, creates the secondary colours purple, green and orange.


How about making pretend snow cakes using using cupcake cases or a baking tray. You could have endless fun making pretend food and snow soup with spoons, cups, plates and saucepan.

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